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1. When buying a Computer consider your needs when choosing your type. If you just need something to surf the web and send emails at home your best bet is a Desktop Computer. If you enjoy using your Computer around the house, at work, on your deck or your favorite recliner then the mobility of a Laptop Comptuer is the choice for you.

2. Computer gaming has become extremely popular and if you attend on gaming then you need to choose a Computer to handle the advanced gaming technologies. Gaming Computers are equiped with high performance processors and enhanced graphics and audio for the utlimate gaming experience.

3. If music, photos and videos are your thing then you will need a Computer with plenty of room on your hard drive for multimedia. Additional drives for burning dvd's and cd's as well as an ample amount of memory will be required.




Purchasing a Computer you are faced with endless options that require careful consideration into your needs. Computers now a days are available in many shapes, sizes and functionalities. The most popular Computer types are Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Handhelds. Desktop Computers are commonly known as Personal Computers or PC's and are very commonly used by businesses and home use.

Laptop Computers are also commonly known as Notebooks and are becoming more and more popular in todays on the go world where wireless networks allow you to connect to the web from almost anywhere you are. Tablets Computers are sleeker smaller computers that are also designed for the busy professional on the go. Tablet Computers have practically all the capabilities as a regualr Computer are an ideal fit traveling professionals who prefer not to carry around a bulkier Laptop Computer.

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